Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôt... . 2h
eleanorwright Le calme avant la tempête...
Honorée et heureuse d'être ici dans Le Jury du 70e @festivaldecannes. Je suis vraiment bénie et chanceuse. #MerciCollegeFrench #MakingMomAndDadAndProfessorsProud #OùEstLaChampagne #ToutLesHashtags
(P.S. If you want to know what I'm wearing, follow #FashionWizards and all-around good guys @marielwashere and @robzangardi!)

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ellusoire sooooooo pretty omg

robzangardi So proud of u xx

stonerbeagle GOALS

damonlindelof Show-off.

miiraaww You are so unprofessional! Already making this about you, it's not supposed to be about the jury but about the films you're awarding. One Oscar nomination and you think you're the shit, unfollowed

marielwashere 😍😘

mikawayaaaaas lol of course the least talented sister needs a job on the jury since her films wouldn't get play here, at least you also have the best fashion sense

selline votre français est bon! xx

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