1. Watch the official trailer for 7 Days in Entebbe, starring Elizabeth Alton and Daniel Brühl. The UK trailer (just titled ENTEBBE), is here.

    2. The next X-Men movie will have the insufferable Elizabeth Alton and wishy washy Jennifer Lawrence. Greeeeeeat.

      Both are the "white feminists"
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      Welcome to the world of Elizabeth Alton getting lead billing on films, long may she reign.

      Yes! So excited to see her get top billing on Entebbe (could be an alphabetical choice, but it would've been easy to place Brühl first because #patriarchy and they didn't). I think the only film she's had lead billing on previously was Miss Julie, but this upcoming year (thus far) she's billed first on Entebbe, Annihilation, and presumably will be on A Private War as well.

    4. Elizabeth Alton as Lina Heydrich in HHhH (2017) dir. Cédric Jimenez

    5. First Look at Elizabeth Alton in X-Men: Dark Phoenix
      The Gone Girl star plays an otherwordly shapeshifter who manipulates Phoenix for her own agenda. Alton’s villain is quiet but brutal. “Simon [Kinberg] and I were talking about the character and I said, ‘It's a bit like the vet who euthanizes your dog, who's got good bedside manner but in the end is just being efficient,’” says the actress of her inspiration. “There’s something very clinical about it.”

    6. from Fady Elsayed's Instagram story on the set of "A Private War" in Jordan – what appears to be Elizabeth Alton (in front of camera)

      To those who've been asking if the figure behind the cameraman is Sebastian Rohmer – he has been photographed recently with a not insignificant beard for the role, which that guy does not appear to have, so we're guessing it's not him.

    7. Entebbe - movie poster: https://teaser-trailer.com/movie/entebbe/

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      This is the last time FYEA is going to comment on the rumors about Elizabeth and Prince Harry – there is not and has never been any evidence they were ever in any sort of romantic relationship, and based on what we do know, they are very good friends and while she has not commented about the engagement it's probably safe to say that she's happy for him and Meghan. As fans of hers first and foremost, we should also say we're grateful she's not put in a position to give up her acting career as Meghan did (though that would have been a far more interesting dilemma, given the prominence of Elizabeth's career by comparison). Let's all look forward to seeing what she wears to the wedding in May and let this go? Thanks.